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Azulant Akora: Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018 Highlight!


Leticia Marie Sanchez

Greetings from Paris!

At Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  Fall Winter 2018, the uplifting strains of Ralph Vaughan Williams’s “Lark Ascending” played during the presentation of the ethereal designs by Azulant Akora. 


 The stirring music was befitting of a collection that proved inspirational, ethereal, and exquisite.

Akron’s presentation was filled with showstoppers including a intricate floral-imbued gown and a royal green dress that was regal and perfectly showcased in the golden, classically gilded room at La Maison Champs Elysées.

info@imaxtree.comWhat was even more impressive about Akora’s collection was that her creations managed to be both dreamy and functional at the same time. One can envision one of Akora’s stunning creations at a gala, red carpet, wedding, or other special occasion.

The level of detail on each gown elevated it to its own stratosphere. The fabrics, colors, and textures combined to create an inspiring mood. Her collection was seamless, yet each silhouette was unique: with shapes alluding to Art Deco or even the resplendent ladies of Gustav Klimt.

Akora emerged onto the Australian fashion scene in 2013 where she was awarded the Australian Wool Fashion Award. She entitled her latest collection AVATAr, after the film. Akora stated that her collection’s main theme is that: “ All energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back. In life, everything is about balance; giving back as much as we take and respecting the Earth.”

 Cultural Cocktail Hour  Editor-in-Chief Leticia Marie Sanchez had the opportunity to interview designer Azulant Akora after the show.

Despite having executed such a mature, developed collection, the designer hails from the Millennial generation and her collection is made by Millenials. When asked about the inspiration behind her collection, Akora directly addressed her generation, encouraging “millennial to be more aware of what we do.” Akora revealed, “fashion has a global voice. Fashion is also conscious. Haute Couture connects people all over the world.”

Akora successfully executed her idea of connection and conscious. Her collection resonated with her audience, with our emotions, inspiring each of us to an elevated self.


VIDEO CREDIT: Leticia Marie Sanchez, Cultural Cocktail Hour, © 2018

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