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In the news: Classical Music to be played in north London to reduce crime



Leticia Marie Sanchez

In Broadwater Farm, an area of North London, Adam Weber, a 23 year old constable in charge of law and order, will be playing Beethoven and Mozart in an effort to reduce crime.

In the past the Broadwater Farm region was plagued by riots and violence, and Weber is hoping that classic music will have a similar effect to the use of music on the London Underground, where music was blared from speakers in 40 stations.

In the subway experiment, Weber revealed that incidents of verbal and physical aggression were reduced during the time period when the music was played.

As Bernard Berenson observed in 1952 at  Villa I Tatt in Florence, “Without art, visual, verbal and musical our world would have remained a jungle.”

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Posted by on August 15th, 2017

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