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Must see- Restoration of “Howard’s End”

Playing at selected Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles until Thursday September 8th-

The beautifully restored 1992 Merchant Ivory film, “Howard’s End” embodies

the recipe

for the perfect end-of-summer Cultural Cocktail film:

  • Non plus ultra cast (Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter at their peak)
  • Sublime Cinematography (The dreamy rainy umbrella scene evoked a Caillebotte painting)
  • Stirring Music (Beethoven’s 5th!)
  • Glorious glorious nature (ahh those bluebells)

Here’s a dose: “Ankle deep, he waded through the bluebells. His spirit rose and exalted as he breathed in the sun-drenched air. The glorious day was in its last decline. Long shadows lay on the sward and from above the leaves dripped their shimmering drops of gold-green light.


howards end_blue 2howardsend-1600x900-c-defaulthowards-endcaillebotte

Posted by on September 5th, 2016

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