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Kick up your heels! The “Sweetness of Life” at the Norton Simon

Kick up ur heelsby

Leticia Marie Sanchez

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The mischievous detail of the slipper comes from François Boucher’s “A Lady On Her Day Bed,” one of three 18th-Century French paintings from the Frick Collection currently on view at the Norton Simon Museum.

Roccoco tables partyThe Sweetness of Life: Three 18th-Century French paintings from the Frick Collection opened on June 14th and will be on view until September 9th. The exhibit also includes paintings by Jean Siméon Chardin and Jean-Baptize Greuze and depicts an artfully constructed vision of 18th century life and fashion.

The pastel flourishes of the decor and florals are from the opening night reception for the “Sweetness of Life.”

The detail of the slipper is a sneak preview of the exhibit.

Check back on Cultural Cocktail Hour next week for a review of the exhibit!


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