Cultural Cocktail Hour

Cultural Cocktail Hour in Manhattan!

Cultural Cocktail Hour® is a registered trademark

Cultural Cocktail Hour is in Manhattan this week!

What is the recipe for the perfect Cultural Cocktail in New York City this week?

Photography, Left.

Museum Mile

Fifth Avenue,

New York

© 2013 Leticia Marie Sanchez

#1 Lock eyes

with Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring

now on view at

the Frick.

(She’ll win the stare-down, no contest)

#2. Hie thee to the Jewish Museum

to see Chagall: Love, War and Exile-

for a different side to Chagall: profound and haunting. An exploration of loss both personal (his wife Bella) and global (the Holocaust) through his unique iconographical use of the Crucifixion as a secular symbol to personify suffering.

#3. Enjoy the Double, Double, Toil and Trouble at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre production of

Macbeth starring Ethan Hawke!

(Check back on Cultural Cocktail Hour later this week for a full review of Macbeth)

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