Cultural Cocktail Hour

Salvador Dalí and the Cauliflower-stuffed Rolls Royce


Leticia Marie Sanchez    


Salvador Dalí mastered the art of creating his own image. Dalí shocked audiences everywhere with his flamboyant persona. A limousine or taxi was just too dull for the outrageous surrealist. So Mr. Dali drove a Rolls Royce stuffed to the brim with…. cauliflower. The veggie-mobile was the automobile of choice for Mr. Dali as he drove to La Sorbonne University in Paris to give a lecture. His speech was entitled, “Phenomenological Aspects of the Critical Paranoiac Method.”

During the speech, Dali exclaimed to the two thousand listeners in the audience,

“Everything departs from the rhinoceros horn! Everything departs from Jan Vermeer’s The Lacemaker! Everything ends up in the cauliflower!“ Time Magazine, Dec. 26, 1955

Move over Hybrids. That Cauliflower-Car was the first truly Green vehicle.

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