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San Francisco art heist: “The Preppy Sockless Picasso Thief”

Flashback to 2011 when a Picasso sketch was stolen by a man who preferred to go sockless..

Who: Preppy Sockless Picasso  Thief

What: Steals Picasso 1962 sketch ““Tête de femme,” valued at $275,000 before heading to party in Napa

Where: San Francisco’s Weinstein Gallery at Geary and Powell Streets

When: Tuesday the 5th of July, 2011

The man calmly removed the sketch from the wall of the gallery, wrapped it newspaper, and then walked out into the crowds at Union Square.

The brazen Picasso pilferer then hopped into a taxi, carefree as a lark, to join friends at a party in Napa, before being caught by police, who had caught his image from a security camera at a restaurant near the gallery.

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