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Review: Family Day at the Norton Simon “Artful Weaving”


Family Day at the Norton Simon

“Artful Weaving”


Leticia Marie Sanchez

Family Days at the Norton Simon are always a treat for parents and children, due to a wonderfully engaging formula that packs a two-fold punch: 1) A kid-friendly tour of the latest exhibition 2) A children’s craft project  inspired by the latest exhibition

Educator Gorman Bentley is a natural with children, with an ebullient personality and insights about art history. He patiently explained the concept of a loom and taught my four year-old to complete his own tapestry. With his friendly spirit, Mr. Bentley welcomed all the children sitting at the tables, making each of them feel included and welcome.

Following the craft project, Educator Fabrizio Flores took us on a child-friendly the visually arresting new exhibit, “Once Upon a Tapestry: Woven Tales of Helen and Dido.” Flores embodied a perfect balance between playful and informative, showing my son the difference between the cartoon and the tapestries, which happened to be highly informative for me as well!

Kudos to the Norton Simon for creating a space for children to reflect and create!

Photography  © 2018 Leticia Marie Sanchez

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